Qattan can give "Custom Production" service to respond the customer's needs, demands and pleasures Apart from our products, we manifacture in requested design, size and details of the customer's needs. As a company that gives high-quality, project-based,custom demand, innovative and value-added service; Qattan works with contract weaving.

The threads used in Qattan production are choosed according to the targeted products and dyed in EKOTEKS certified dyehouses and manifactured in Qattan's experienced looms. All the products and raw materials used have international EKOTEKS certificates that can be presented to customers if demanded.

The products are sent to the customer after the quality control. Qattan also gives the service of barcoding, labelling and packaging the products in the customer's brand. Qattan gives a high-quality service to the ultimate user by keeping the price-performance balance in favour of the customers.